The Best

2D Grade Control System

The Best

2D Grade Control System

Intuitive excavator guidance

For all excavators and all applications.

iDig : Real Time Grade Control System

For all applications, get the depth, the slope or the distance with a 3/8” accuracy without getting out of your cab.

Excavations, Foundations, Trenches, Slopes, Embankments, Parking Lots & Pools… iDig grade control system will be the ideal tool for your excavators.

iDig, Revolutionary Grade Control

A grade control system simple to install, no cables, easy to move from a machine to another, always at the top of latest technologies. With an affordable price !

A grade control system simple to install, has no cables, is easy to move from one machine to another and is always at the top of latest technologies. With an affordable price!

Buy one system and install it on several excavators. iDig can move easily from one machine to another in few minutes.

No risk of tearing cables. iDig system communicates by radio and charges by solar panels. Simple to install and very easy to use.

iDig System has been designed to be your daily tool, simple and intuitive to use. No training required. Your turn to try!


Houses, Buildings... Prepare the ground, dig with precision and speed without getting out of your cab.


Parking lots, swimming pools, sports fields, ponds, etc. iDig will help you in the production of your construction projects. Ideal for landscapers!


Laying pipes, cables, etc. Underground networks require extreme accuracy. With the iDig system, you save time and ensure the quality of your performance.


Landscaping, curbs, etc. Work safely without the need of a grade checker or having to get out of your cab!

Already several thousand users of iDig Grade Control System around the world!


Grade Control
iDig – Grade Control With the iDig Guidance System, control your excavator without leaving your cab. You will know the position of your bucket to the nearest centimeter without using a grade checker.

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